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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Come to the World: A poem by Jorge Enrique González-Pacheco

Jorge Enrique González-Pacheco will be presenting his book Under the Light of my Blood tonight at 8pm. He will be reading his poems in Spanish while Ambar Meneses will be reading them in English. Dr. Elena Tamargo will present him.

To come to the World

I was born in Cuba, an island of the past
from which a blessed child came forth
its defeat from which many were exciled,
gone in time.

Painfully joyful country.
One day revealed its idyllic bones, withered;
here my mother seized her solitude
and my father a marble toy
(flavorless and colorless)
delivered to the hermit all the blasphemies of his harmful

I was born in the island of silences, of legacy and vitreaux
between your decaying misunderstanding
-Never saw the days
of my vast soliloquy-.

Jorge Enrique González-Pacheco
Under the Light of my Blood

Pictured, an original work by artist Santos, exhibited at Zu Galeria Fine Arts

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