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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recuentos del 2009 and Giving Thanks!

Dear Friends,

It was my intention to review this year that is almost coming to an end, however so much has happened, so many activities, so many exhibits, so many Noches de Poesia that in order to write a little bit about each I would have to write too much and bore you to death. Instead I am writting this long Thank You List to all those people that somehow contributed in making this 2009 an unforgettable year here at Zu!

January 2009-
Dominica Alcantara.
Norma Amaro for bringing Dominica to my world, and for your friendship.
George Riveron and his incredible poetry.
Fabiola Santiago from The Miami Herald, who chose Dominica's exhibit as Art Pick of the Week, and others yearlong.

February 2009-
We had our own erotic show titled Landscapes of Erotic Art. I thank each and every artist who participated especially Bressy who came up with the idea of an erotic Valentine's exhibit.
Midiala Rosales who sang beautifully, I am forever greatful!
Juan Carlos Valls who accompanied her with poetry.
Noches de Poesia brought us Elena Montes de Oca, and her daughters, who sang with her, and especially Ligia who blew me away!

March 2009-
Our March exhibit was Blancas Mujeres, Miami's first art exhibit dedicated to Las Damas de Blanco by Cuban artist
Leonardo Severo.
Yolanda Huerga, one of the original Damas de Blanco was present with others. Gracias!
Ninoska Perez Castellon who had me in her Radio Program.
Tatiana Riquelme from Radio/TV Marti.
Allan Villafaña and his photo exhibit Un dia de las Madres en el Cementerio de Colon.
Mega TV for all their coverage.
Niurka from Radio/TV Marti
Carlos Pintado who once more was part of Noches de Poesia, and who's always there. Thank you Carlitos!

April 2009-
Candida Rodriguez and her solo exhibit Un poco al lado
de los dias.
Cuban poet Manuel Sosa who came all the way from Atlanta to participate in Noches de Poesia.

May 2009-
Pedro Mendizabal and his nostalgic paintings of decayed solares de La Habana Vieja.
William Navarrete who came from France to present his latest book of poetry titled Lumbres veladas del Sur.
Gracias William siempre por todo!
Daniel Fernandez del Nuevo Herald.
Church World Services for choosing artist Salvador Lorenzo and my gallery to represent their annual funraiser.
Rosana Lopez-Cubas que me entrevisto para el primer numero de la revista Target Style.

June 2009-
June 12 we celebrated our first anniversary of Noches de Poesia, and it was an unforgettable night.
Gracias a Heriberto Hernandez, George Riveron, y Carlos Pintado from Bluebird Editions for the beautiful recognition given to me.
Present that night were also, Ena Columbie, Elena Montes de Oca, German Guerra, William Navarrete and Reinaldo Garcia Ramos.
Mayra Abo and her signature jewelry in our first Girl's Night Out.
Denise and Luis Cuevas Chavelinas Cigar Presentation.

July 2009-
Noel Leon first solo exhibit in the USA.
Olga Leiseca and Carlos Bada who performed beautifully.
Ernesto Diaz Rodriguez in Noches de Poesia.
Arminda Espinosa del periodico LIBRE

August 2009-
Paul Jordan's beautiful jewelry and our second Girls Afternoon.
Juan Carlos Agüero and his OIKOS photo exhibit.
Maria Eugenia Caseiro, Odaliz de Leon, Rosie Inguanzo and Elena Tamargo who made an unforgettable Noches de Poesia.
Ivette Kellems and Esther Chavez...Que sorpresa!
Jose Alvarez and his book presentation about Frank Pais.
Uva de Aragon, por la presentacion, y lo amable.

September 2009-
Thanks to all the artists that participated in our group exhibit Diosas, Virgenes o Martires?
Cuban poet Heriberto Hernandez presented his latest book as part of Noches de Poesia, while his son, Erick Hernandez who did the cover for the book had an exhibit of his recent paintings.
Julio Batista and his erotic works.

October 2009-
Miguel Ordoqui and Arnaldo Ladron de Guevara unique ink pieces in the exhibit D'Generacion.
Alejandro Fonseca in Noches de Poesia.
Alexis Romay who came from New Jersey to present his book.
Alberto Arizkorreta Gurutzeaga de la Television Publica Vasca.
Elena Tamargo quien una vez mas de dio la mano.

November 2009-
Carlos Acostaneyra.
Salvador Lorenzo for always being there for me, 3 years later.
Candida Rodriguez por toda la ayuda, las hadas y los centauros.
Teresa Maria Rojas, who did Noches de Poesia, was love at first sight. Gracias!
Gyorgy Ferdinandy y su querida esposa Mary.
Heriberto Hernandez, montones de agradecimientos por todo, ademas de presentar a Gyorgy y a Carmen.
Julio Benitez who came from California.
German Guerra infinitamente. (Por la poesia, por las fotos, por la ayuda, por la amistad.)
Elena Iglesias (I would have to write a separate email just to thank you, not only for your poetry but for your work in general. I am extremely thankful and in total debt to you my dear Elena.)
Carmen Duarte and Jody too!
Odette Alonso and her 20 years of writting poetry. Que regalo!
Teresa Dovalpage and her Miaus! y Por Culpa de Candela.
Ena Columbie or Lapitu Forever! por esa presentacion tan bella.
Ana Cabrera Vivanco (Que te puedo decir que ya no sepas, unos de los regalos mas bellos de esta Semana de Literatura)
Pedro Alberto Assef, siempre esperando que llege el dia.

December 2009-
Leonel Menendez and his magical stories in En El Barrio de Los Mangos.
Gisela Fabelo and her miracles.
Eyda Machin and her enchanting ways.
Ligia Cabrera, Flavia Ferreira, Elena una vez mas, Alcides Herrera, Ramon Williams.
Juan Carlos Valls, we had to wait until December but it was well worth it. Una de las noches mas bellas de todo el 2009, Gracias a tus poemas y tus inventos.

The year is over my friends and with it so many memories in my head, too many to write them all, however I am extremely thankful and appreciative of everyone. The press has been an incredible and most important piece in Zu Galeria from the begining. I have mentioned a few, but I need to take a moment to thank...

Gloria Leal ... Gracias.
Elena Iglesias siempre en deuda contigo.
Olga Connor who has been a great supporter of our literary events.
Luis de la Paz who is always there, Gracias por incluirme.
Ivette Iturralde de la radio, siempre agradecido.
Vladimir Gomez, wherever he goes he helps out!
Rosana Lopez-Cubas: one of the most loving and generous human beings I know, and one incredible journalist who has supported us 100%. Gracias Amiga!
Armando de Armas de Radio/TV Marti... Muchas Gracias!

Joaquin Estrada-Montalvan from Gaspar, El Lugareño. Yo sigo dandote las Gracias!

To all the bloggers who post my events in their blogs, extremely grateful to all of you!

To all the artists that make an extension of my family at Zu, and who have stood with me thru these difficult times. Aside from those named above ....

Mayra Abo, la hormiguita mas trabajadora que conozco.
Dora Fiser, te quiero un monton!
Jose Ramon Morales, always helping me!
Evelio Lecour, Gracias por confiarme tu obra.
Marta Ramos for being the most wonderful person, for always helping me out. Por las fotos siempre! Por el cariño!
A mi Lapitu, que siempre .... siempre me das la mano en todo, y tu cariño! Regresa, que te extraño. Te quiero mucho!
Karin Aldrey por toda la ayuda, and for being such a great person.
Ana Maria Sarlat we always have a place for you.
Cristina siempre te quiero mucho.
Tony Núñez ... Muchas Gracias!
Carlos Artime, siempre listo!
Emilio Fernandez que aunque poco tiempo pero se te estima.
Liliana Folta, Omar Garcia, Nestor Arenas, Jay Palacios.

And to those who are going to be a part of Zu this coming year, Welcome!

This year I met an incredible lady, one of the most wonderful poets I have ever met, one of the most spectacular people I know. I was bewitched, bewildered ...... by her, like the song says. She has been a true sport, an angel, a beautiful soul... Elena Tamargo. Gracias Elena Bella por todo! que es mucho....

Tons of people always make it a point to participate, to come to our openings, to our book presentations to our Noches de Poesia, I am most grateful for your support. There are way too many to name here, but you all know who you are, and I thank you!

On the personal level, I have been blessed with great friends. I cherish and admire you all, and I thank you for putting up with me, for hearing me out, for loving me. One person specifically has been unconditional to me. She is the most caring, protective, wonderful person I know. Thank you Mabel for all the love!

And last but not least my family, who support me in everything I do, who drive me crazy at times, and God knows I do the same to them, but who never fail to love me, and to stand by me during all times. Specially my sister, who is the best sister anyone could hope for.

If I am missing someone please do not take it personally, I also turned 40 this year so old age is kicking in!

Thanks for 2009, but 2010 is just around the corner.......
and I am ready for it!

Manny Lopez
Zu Galeria Fine Arts
2248 SW 8th Street
Miami, Fl 33135

Foto de Marta Ramos

Fotos de Una Noche de Poesia con Eyda Machin

El pasado 19 de diciembre tuvimos la clausura de nuestro año de literatura, y quien mejor que la escritora cubana Eyda Machin que nos visito desde Francia. Eyda nos leyo poemas de varios libros publicados ademas de varios poemas ineditos. Fue una velada encantadora con una dama inolvidable.

Fotos de Marta Ramos.

Lo que se debe destacar del 2009

La periodista Rosana Lopez-Cubas me envia el link a su blog Miami en Escena done hace un recuento del 2009. Alli me incluye entre figuras destacadas de esta ciudad.
Siempre agradezco a Rosana por el apoyo incondicional a mis eventos, a Zu Galeria... y por la amistad ... que para mi es un gran tesoro..... Gracias!

Lo que se debe destacar del 2009.
por Rosana Lopez-Cubas

La sala de arte más dinámica del 2009.... Zu Galería

¡Inagotable! Una frase que resume la labor de una de las galerías de arte más jóvenes y auspiciosas de Miami. Nos referimos a Zu Galería, la pequeña sala de arte ubicada en pleno corazón de la Calle Ocho. Pese a sus pocos años de permanencia en el mercado de arte, el citado recinto en donde convergen un sin números de talentosos y jóvenes artistas se ha convertido en uno de los espacios de arte obligados de la Ciudad del Sol. ¿Por qué? Simplemente porque además de ofrecer nuevas propuestas artísticas pictóricas ofrece un abanico de piezas de arte de alta calidad. Paralelamente, Zu Galería promueve la literatura hispana a través de su programa Noches de Poesía en donde convergen las voces mas destacadas del movimiento literario de Miami. Zu Galería no sería tal sin el acertado manejo de su director y propietario Manny López quien además de ser el motor de la misma es un activo promotor del arte en sus diversas manifestaciones.

Para leer el articulo completo entrar en http://miamienescena.blogspot.com/

Foto de Rosario D'Rivera.

Stage Blood: A film by Paul Jordan

A Short film
Genre: Gay Horror/Fantasy

by: Paul Jordan


Jose Cárdenas is a typically over-worked, sleep-deprived, self-medicating Latino professional. He’s also over 40 and single. In his desperate search for love, he meets up with a stranger who pretends to be a vampire – however, on that same web-site, he presents himself as a Vampire Slayer - he’s in no position to be judgmental.

Stage Blood takes us on a campy ride into his inner demons as we experience Jose’s anxiety ridden nightmares: vampires, his blood-sucking ex, his own fears about where all this desperation will lead him.

This stylized mini-fantasy/horror short is filmed in High-Def, has mature adult themes. Running time: 8minutes, filmed with local actors, and music by local musicians and orchestras.

WGA registered


The vampire crazed Colombian native, Paul Jordan, began to accompany his father onto the set of his weekly live-action comedy/sitcom telenovela “Yo y Tu” (ala Ugly Betty) at age 4. Due to political unrest in Colombia, his actor/recording artist father and award winning painter mother came to the states when he was 7. Today, he can be described as being a hotheaded Latin who shows up on time – one might say he has managed to fuse the best of both cultures.

He won writing awards for his poetry and short stories while still in high school. Early on, he also pursued theatre, both as an actor and director, before studying design in Italy with another branch of the family. The experience on the continent led to his launching a children’s wear line (Angelini) and later, a French restaurant (Café Montparnasse).

The mid 80’s took him to San Francisco, California amidst the AIDS crisis. The experience (along with the tremors and earthquakes) shook him profoundly. Back home in Miami, he has been an outspoken activist, appearing on Spanish language television many times to promote understanding and awareness. He has taught writing classes and facilitated programs at local community centers. He was a subject of the documentary “Positivo Soy” (2006), and “Werner, the Legacy of Transformation” (2007). He lives and works in Little Havana with his cat.

Credits include:

“Cuban Coffee,” a feature-length screenplay (optioned in 1995); “Little Black Dresses,” a feature-length screenplay (optioned 1997);
“The Link” a sci-fi short subject film he wrote and co-directed 1997’
“Strands” an interwoven film anthology with 3 writers and 3 directors – he wrote: “Calendar Boys” – optioned 1998
Launched the “Screenwriter’s Workshop” at the Miami Light Project with Dr. Frances Negron-Muntaner (held a public reading of their collaborated screenplay “Divine Intervention”, 2001
Directed Alice Braga’s one woman show “It’s Hard to be Spiritual when you’re feeling BLOATED,” (stage), 2004
“Quién no Protege” (video – adapted the script and co –directed with Marta Victoria of Miavision Productions, Inc.) 2006
“PaiSANOS” (video – adapted the story and co-directed with Marta Victoria of Miavision Productions, Inc.), improvisational method with non-actors, 2007.
“Second Chances” (high-def video – adapted the story co-directed with Marta Victoria of Miavision Productions, Inc.)June 2008. This is an improvisational method piece filmed in High-Def with non-actors in all the roles.
“Stage Blood” a short subject gay horror movie – adapted from his own material in the manuscripts (both the novel and the screenplay) currently entitled “Blood Type” (the screenplay is currently in pre-production and the novel under negotiation).
He has two new novels in development (“Fanged” and “Currency”)
His jewelry designs can be seen at: www.pauljordangems.com

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fotos de la presentacion de Ligia Cabrera y Flavia Ferreira

El pasado 18 de diciembre tuvimos un concierto unico, Ligia Cabrera y Flavia Ferreira nos regalaron sus sonidos increibles, mezcla de trova y bossa nova, con toques de un feeling muy de ellas. Asi presentaron su CD Ella y Yopara el disfrute de todos. Tambien tuvieron de invitados a los poetas Elena Montes de Oca y Alcides Herrera. Fue una noche preciosa, al final Ligia nos regalo una pieza que siempre me emociona al oirla cantar, un rezo lucumi de Lydia Cabrera. Ramon Williams la acompañó en la guitarra.

Fotos de Marta Ramos.

Buena Fe......... La otra orilla

Que se derrumben las paredes, los muros, el malecon... y los tiranos! Y que todos los cubanos seamos una sola familia.....

Fotos de la presentacion de Gisela Fabelo

El 12 de diciembre presentamos el libro Que se derrame la miel por las estrellas de la autora venezolana Gisela Fabelo. Mas que un evento literario fue una noche de confesiones y de remembranzas de los 100 talleres de Milagros que Gisela viene impartiendo estos ultimos 10 años, y varias de las personas que asisten dejaron sus testimonios de como Gisela y sus milagros los han ayudado.
Fue una noche de muy buena vibra!

Fotos de Marta Ramos.