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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stage Blood: A film by Paul Jordan

A Short film
Genre: Gay Horror/Fantasy

by: Paul Jordan


Jose Cárdenas is a typically over-worked, sleep-deprived, self-medicating Latino professional. He’s also over 40 and single. In his desperate search for love, he meets up with a stranger who pretends to be a vampire – however, on that same web-site, he presents himself as a Vampire Slayer - he’s in no position to be judgmental.

Stage Blood takes us on a campy ride into his inner demons as we experience Jose’s anxiety ridden nightmares: vampires, his blood-sucking ex, his own fears about where all this desperation will lead him.

This stylized mini-fantasy/horror short is filmed in High-Def, has mature adult themes. Running time: 8minutes, filmed with local actors, and music by local musicians and orchestras.

WGA registered


The vampire crazed Colombian native, Paul Jordan, began to accompany his father onto the set of his weekly live-action comedy/sitcom telenovela “Yo y Tu” (ala Ugly Betty) at age 4. Due to political unrest in Colombia, his actor/recording artist father and award winning painter mother came to the states when he was 7. Today, he can be described as being a hotheaded Latin who shows up on time – one might say he has managed to fuse the best of both cultures.

He won writing awards for his poetry and short stories while still in high school. Early on, he also pursued theatre, both as an actor and director, before studying design in Italy with another branch of the family. The experience on the continent led to his launching a children’s wear line (Angelini) and later, a French restaurant (Café Montparnasse).

The mid 80’s took him to San Francisco, California amidst the AIDS crisis. The experience (along with the tremors and earthquakes) shook him profoundly. Back home in Miami, he has been an outspoken activist, appearing on Spanish language television many times to promote understanding and awareness. He has taught writing classes and facilitated programs at local community centers. He was a subject of the documentary “Positivo Soy” (2006), and “Werner, the Legacy of Transformation” (2007). He lives and works in Little Havana with his cat.

Credits include:

“Cuban Coffee,” a feature-length screenplay (optioned in 1995); “Little Black Dresses,” a feature-length screenplay (optioned 1997);
“The Link” a sci-fi short subject film he wrote and co-directed 1997’
“Strands” an interwoven film anthology with 3 writers and 3 directors – he wrote: “Calendar Boys” – optioned 1998
Launched the “Screenwriter’s Workshop” at the Miami Light Project with Dr. Frances Negron-Muntaner (held a public reading of their collaborated screenplay “Divine Intervention”, 2001
Directed Alice Braga’s one woman show “It’s Hard to be Spiritual when you’re feeling BLOATED,” (stage), 2004
“Quién no Protege” (video – adapted the script and co –directed with Marta Victoria of Miavision Productions, Inc.) 2006
“PaiSANOS” (video – adapted the story and co-directed with Marta Victoria of Miavision Productions, Inc.), improvisational method with non-actors, 2007.
“Second Chances” (high-def video – adapted the story co-directed with Marta Victoria of Miavision Productions, Inc.)June 2008. This is an improvisational method piece filmed in High-Def with non-actors in all the roles.
“Stage Blood” a short subject gay horror movie – adapted from his own material in the manuscripts (both the novel and the screenplay) currently entitled “Blood Type” (the screenplay is currently in pre-production and the novel under negotiation).
He has two new novels in development (“Fanged” and “Currency”)
His jewelry designs can be seen at: www.pauljordangems.com

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