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Friday, April 8, 2011

Talks, Reasons, and Hallucinations...

Giorgio de Chirico, The Soothsayer's Recompense

Waking up this morning and getting out of bed was a major task. I tried to come up with a dozen valid excuses to call in sick. Needless to say I did not have the guts to do it. Little by little, I lifted up a leg, and let it fall to the floor, and before you knew it I was sitting up in the edge of the bed. It took me quite a few more minutes to face reality and run to the bathroom, and start the process. The everyday process of life!

I decided to rebel against this and not shave. I put on the first thing that jumped out of the closet and ran downstairs. Once inside the car, I asked God to protect me and those I love, and to let me have a grand day. We always have our daily chat in the morning and before bedtime. However, this morning I went on more than usual. He must have been bored to death by the time I finished. As soon as I finished with my speech, asking for world peace and all those other things you ask God for, I turned up the volume to Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry on their Own, and other tunes from her Back to Black CD. Driving away I went, with an occasional move of the shoulders while listening to the music and thinking that nothing was going to disturb my day. I had promised to the Almighty that I was going to turn the other cheek, and ear as well. I am not perfect, but I am trying.

Again, those same thoughts of not showing up for work took over me. I came up with brilliant ideas, or so I thought, but nothing could steer me away. I said out loud if I am going to work, might as well be late. There you go! I was late a few minutes, and that made me feel so much better. I came in, and gushed my good mornings to everyone as if I was a fountain spurting water on all passersby. I put my things down, and ran for some fuel… coffee that is. I figured if I am going to have to suffer might as well be with plenty of coffee. I must confess I am on my third cup, and the day has not tarnished yet, despite the many images, writings, and super ego sightings in this vast world of internet. The things I have seen and heard this morning! A mix of distortion with a high dose of bad taste…A tacky abstract painting.

It is 12:30pm and soon I will be having lunch, and maybe, just maybe I could say to my boss that the food was bad, and have stomach pains and need to go home urgently. Or maybe, I could blame it on the witch, who just flew over in a broom, and gave me nausea, and a need to vomit. Perhaps, I could blame it on a repulsive vision I had of this giant green, jello-like monster holding a beautiful pink Chanel bag. Hallucinations are kicking in…

Will it work? Will I do it? …. Stay tuned until 5pm!

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