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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to Zu! Bienvenidos a Zu!

It has been two years since I first openned Zu Galeria Fine Arts back in December 6th 2006.

What a long road it has been! So many twists and turns, artists that came and went, others that came back, and some that have stayed since day one.

I have done so much at Zu. Really unbelievable!

I have been extremely blessed in so many ways. I have had the help of many good souls that to list everyone it will be never-ending. The press especially has been incredibly supportive of my events. I cannot thank them enough!

Zu Galeria Fine Arts as Arturo Arias-Polo once wrote in an article is a small boutique d' art, and that has remained to be the best description of my gallery. It is a small place that offers quality, only the best can be found here. We only exhibit original works of art. We do not sell reproductions, prints, or giclees of any kind. We strive to offer the very best by our roster of exclusive artists.

There have been many events held here at Zu in these past two years. From a children's book presentation to jewelry shows, to poetry nights always trying to unite the community and offering varied activities.

Once again, thank you to everyone involved, and if you have not dared to come into Zu, don't think twice, do it!

I am hoping to be around quite a few more years, if God permits.

Thanks ... Thanks ... And Many Thanks!

Manny Lopez
Zu Galeria Fine Arts

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