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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

D'Generacion: Inks by Miguel Ordoqui and Arnaldo Ladron de Guevara

Zu Galeria Fine Arts is proud to present
D' Generacion
Inks by Miguel Ordoqui and Arnaldo Ladron de Guevara

October 9, 8pm to 11pm
Exhibit will run until November 2.

Zu Galeria Fine Arts ...2248 SW 8th St...786-443-5872

Special performance by Maikel Rodriguez.

This exhibit is a union of two generations. One, the experienced artist, with so many anecdotes, and experiences under his belt. The other, the young artist, who's discovering and creating a brand new world for himself, looking for a new path in a country that is not his own.

Miguel Ordoqui was born in Cuba in 1939. He was a student at Academia San Alejandro, in Cuba. He came to the USA during the Mariel boatlift and ever since has not stop creating. He has had more than 25 shows in the USA and various countries around the world. In 2005, he was awarded the "Lorenzo el Magnifico" medal at the Fifth Edition of The Biennale International Del Arte Contemporaneous In Florence, Italy. His work is often full of color and movement, however this series of inks which he exclusively painted for Zu Galeria is a study of everyday humans in black and white. You can find the local women sipping cuban coffee at Versailles, as well as one of the famous infantas transported to our Miami streets. The irony and humor in this series is totally Ordoqui, and his never ending creative genious.

Arnaldo Ladron de Guevara was born in Cuba in 1975. Since an early age he showed special interest in the arts. He took various classes at Academia San Alejandro in Cuba. Upon his arrival in the USA, he has been creating nonstop, and has participated in various exhibits locally and in other cities in the USA.
His work is a vibrant hue filled with poetry, and rhythm. For this exhibit, Arnaldo has worked exclusively in inks, and has given a certain patina of nostalgia using mostly sepia tones in his various themes that range from a young boy looking up to what the future can bring, or a simple makeshift Cuban colador.

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