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Monday, May 31, 2010

If´s on a Monday

As I wake up on this Memorial Day of a Monday, I ask myself what next? Where am I heading today? I know what I need to do, it´s just all so confusing at times. It gets blurry in between the lines. There´s so much to get done, and at times my body tells me you need to slow down. That´s how I have been feeling lately. I need to slow down, and pamper myself some.

These past three weeks or so have made me feel as if I was away on some other planet, another latitude. However its time to get back to responsibilities and things need to get done. So much to mend, here and there. I must tackle one thing at a time, because otherwise it all tangles up in my head, and I procrastinate. So many if´s....If I could wait another week? If I could think about it tomorrow? Well no such luck I am not part of a epic movie, where I can fix it all by thinking about it tomorrow...

At times I feel I am hold. Yes, frozen like a mango daiquiri, waiting to be had by a passerby. Anyone for that matter, as long as they are craving a daiquiri, and as long as I can get a sip myself. I have to confess, I have always been very bad at this sort of thing. I have always lured the most cruelest of drunks. All my fault!

But today, I have the feeling that things will unravel. Today, I feel that whatever outcome, it will be for the best.... my best I am sure!
So excuse my babbling on and on, but I needed to ventilate on this Memorial Day of a Monday, and get to the point that no more If´s are allowed... Can you imagine if I could?


M. Roth said...

Nice poetry, Manny! I really relate to these "if's."

Would love to read with you out loud -- we should talk about setting up a reading this summer!

-Megan Roth

Manny Lopez said...

Megan, let's!