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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In search of a cure...

(Foto taken from tasteofomi at deviantart.com)

In search of a cure

It seems that this sickness

Has spread all over.

You find it next door

At my neighbor’s house.

Her dogs look lost

Craving a certain thing…

The poet who swears

He is not ready for


Needs space

Solitude …

Has also been afflicted by it.

The artist who paints

Poetic images in pairs

Has given up all hope

Of getting rid of it.

Tons and tons of faces

Some familiar, others unknown

Float in cyberspace

Contaminated with the same

Dreadful disease.

As for me,

I hide:

Under the sheets

In the toilet

Behind books and magazines.

The music

Drowning out thoughts

Trying to survive

In search of a cure

At any cost.

Manuel A. López


Anonymous said...

i love this poem manny. Very good Im impress.
gary anuez.

Roger Rivero said...

I'm first timer here reading your poetry and is good and fun I like it man, keep shining, also thank u for your comment in my blog, un abrazo.