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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A poem by Sabrina Gonzalez. First Prize Winner of The Scholastic Writing Awards

Photo taken from MelikeNurgezgin.Tumblr.Com

Skinny is all that’s in.
How fabulous it is to be thin.
Thighs can’t touch,
but whose thighs touch anyway?
Prominent hipbones
raised collarbones,
and the beautiful rib cage.
Elbows stick out like a dagger.
Trace my spine.

“You’re fat.”
My cheeks sink in.
Can’t be chubby in my face either.
Skeletal fingers
pull at the fat on my sides, my thighs, and arms.
The mirror taunts me.
You’re fat. You’re fat. You’re fat.
Strive to think thin
To be thin. And to stay thin.

What if clothes get smaller?
That size no longer fits?
Are you still considered a toothpick?
My thighs touch.
Arms jiggle, my whole ribcage and spine aren’t visible.
Who are you to call me fat?
Sabrina Gonzalez
The Scholastic Writing Awards
 Grade 9
Miami Arts Charter School
Award: Silver, 10718247

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