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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A poem...

What does one write about?
When this everlasting sadness persists
This recurrent theme of longing
And all the fixings that come with it.
I have started to drown myself
Bits and pieces of me are being devoured
By carnivorous plants
And other elements…
I have tried all sorts of tools
Trying to calm this anxiety that never lets go
I have become much more reclusive than Greta
And God knows that I’ve taken potions
Prescribed and others somewhat natural
My grandmother’s many recipes
Linden tea and chamomile.
Yet it’s hard to shake this off
This ever present torment
That always manages to creep up
And take over when you least expect it…
What does one write about?
When there are no colors or daffodils
In this grey horizon
Only shadows and too much fog.
Manuel A. López

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