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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tales: Room at the Top (TheWriteDeal)

Getting rid of the evidence
The ever present stench of incense was floating in the air. Everywhere I turned there were remnants of his existence…a book, a tray, a vase…on and on. Little by little I went remembering what he had given me, and one by one I threw them away. Everything was reduced to trash, as in most things in life. You use them for a while, and you replace them when they are worn out. It happens with relationships, with jeans, and shoes, and almost everything else.
I had waited longer than I‘ve ever waited for an outcome. I had imagined all sorts of situations, all sorts of moments, which turned out to be futile. I remember always consoling myself with the fact that if he was still in my life, it had to be for a reason. I have always had the incredible luck that anything that I did not need gets taken out of my life for good. So anytime my mind started wondering away, questioning his actions, and mines… I would say it was for a reason. This had to be the stupidest excuse ever, but at times it soothed my pain….until another episode.
I had faith though. I never stopped believing that someone would come and change my life, and in the process erase all this, which in turn would make him realize he was attracted to me after all. It has been said that if you wait long everything materializes… well guess what? It has.
Manuel A. López
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