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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carlos Pintado...A MOVIE SCENE

Carlos Pintado, was the first poet to be a part of Noches de Poesia. He has particiapted twice already, and always with great success! Here, an unpublished poem in English, which I like very much!

to Sean Carl Heatherly
in abysses of thoughts and illusions… 11 years after

I walk outside.
The weight of days returns
as I tread on grass.
There's a scene
in which I look at the rooftops of houses.
Here's what I'd like to ask:
Who am I in this moment?
If I obey a voice,
if I repeat words that aren't mine,
if I follow just a command,
a request,
if I make love
the way love's meant to be made,
if I crave for the safest side of things,
if I write not out of calling
but out of delirium,
if I don't speak,
if I don't think,
if I don't dream,
who am I?

Carlos Pintado

Pictured here, an original work by artist Carlos Acostaneyra

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