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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9-11-2001 ...

Thinking Out Loud...

I can still remember the day it all happened. I was driving to work, and was listening to the radio, I had on this typical Miami morning radio program. Lots of laughs, jokes, and nothing serious, until they began announcing that a plane had crashed into a building in New York City. There wasn't much details, but then a few minutes later, another plane had done the same. It was the beginning of a new era! An era of destruction, of hate, of name calling and so much more.

As I close my eyes, and try to recall who I was then, I can't seem to remember, but the many faces of those in the Twin Towers remain in my thoughts. The ones jumping out the windows, thinking that they would survive were the ones I can't seem to erase from my thoughts. The screams for life, the smoke, the fire, the constant news cameras, the especulations, the President did this, the President did not do this, the President said so...........on and on and on... France sends their support, Spain does too... Well after all these years and after all the scars left from this and the events that followed, I ask who cares what anybody said? Who cares who support us or not? Have we looked back? Have we come to terms with all of this? Have we remembered those frightened faces jumping for their lives?

I myself, do not have any answers. But when this day rolls around the corner, and we get up and go to work, and go to school, and handle our day like its just another day, I simply have to stop ... a complete stop.. and remember... remember the thousands that will never see what this turned out to be.

In these times of uncertainty, of what would happen tomorrow with our lives? I wonder, I simply wonder if any of us will remember those that died horribly and tragically on 9-11-2001, and if so, what is it worth all the dying then and afterwards?

Just thinking outloud today! and remembering...

Manny Lopez

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