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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hispanista: Interview with Anjanette Delgado by Silvia Viñas

Hispanista: Interview with Anjanette Delgado

After a successful career as a journalist and producer, Emmy award-winning writer Anjanette Delgado turned to fiction writing and published her first novel, The Heartbreak Pill.

Despite her success, Anjanette Delgado is surprisingly down to earth. She has a loud voice, big dark brown eyes, and a presence that —excuse the cliché— makes heads turn when she walks into the room. However, Anjanette is extremely approachable; you would never guess she is an award-winning writer if you simply met her on the streets of Miami. I contacted Anjanette through email, requesting an interview for this column. She accepted and invited me to her photo exhibit and poetry reading at Zu Galería Fine Arts, a small, beautifully decorated art gallery in Little Havana. I obviously couldn’t turn down the invitation. I went, and the result is this: my very first Hispanista podcast.

Disclaimer: We were outside during the interview and poetry reading, and if you’ve ever been to Little Havana (or anywhere in Miami, really) you know airplanes leave their audio footprint every fifteen minutes. So don’t get scared if you hear a loud rumbling noise during the podcast –it is just a plane.

To listen to the interview and poetry reading, click below. To download the podcast, right click and Save Link As or Download Link As.

Interview – Anjanette Delgado Part 1
Poetry Reading – Anjanette Delgado Part 2

To read more about Anjanette Delgado and The Heartbreak Pill, and to hear her read an excerpt from it, go to her official website. Also, make sure you visit her blog, The Wise Latina Woman Blog.

–Silvia Viñas

Silvia grew up in seven different countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, and The United States. She studied Spanish Literature, Political Science and TESOL at Brigham Young University. She enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction written by or about Latin Americans and Spaniards. She tweets in English and Spanish @silviavinas.

Photo by Marta Ramos

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