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Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to square one...

Back to square one again! Life is about new beginings, no time to think about endings. Endings is another chapter, not covered here.

As I wake up this morning, and embark on a new day, tons of thoughts attack me. So many things to sort out, one by one.
But I am most thankful to the One Above for all the blessings, and the strength given on a daily basis. I have always taken the roughest road, but I am not complaining. I never expected so many twists and turns, or maybe I did, and just wished it didn't happen that way.

As I brainstorm this morning with thoughts, feelings and wishes, I release all bad energy. I protect myself from all the negativity, all the ill wishes upon me, all bad thoughts ....

May the Universe give back to you, all that you wish for me!

And to get back to business, I have a very busy week. I have Maria Eugenia Caseiro's book presentation this coming Thursday. This Friday, Cristina Obín also presents her new children's poetry book as part of Viernes Culturales. Finally this Saturday, we will have Noches de Poesia with Orlando Rossardi, accompanied by musician Mike Porcel. As if all of this is not enough, I will be participating this coming Sunday at Books and Books in the program "COLOQUIOS CULTURALES" DE EGO GROUP, INC, about my experiences coming to the USA via the Mariel boatlift as a child.
A lot is going on, and time is of the essence.

Happy Monday, and thanks to those who inhabit my world!

Photo by Silvia Levingston

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