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Friday, December 30, 2011

Nilda Cepero: a poem from Hemingway, The Last Daiquiri

A few weeks ago I received by mail a copy of a very different book, Hemingway: The Last Daiquiri , a poetry book by Cuban writer Nilda Cepero . I am not amazed for Nilda has excellent taste in anything that she comes in contact with in literature. I can still remember the translation to Spanish of Musset’s letter to George Sand in one of her publications. So when I read the book from beginning to end in a matter of hours, I was trapped by her unique poetic voice.
This book is a treasure; one of those books you give to others as gifts, or pass it on to friends.
I enjoyed the book immensely, and could not let this 2011 go by without having at least one of its poems in my blog.

Bedroom Scene
                                                 There is no friend as loyal as a book.

In the dead of the night
a time of greatest quiet
never lie alone
words dwell within
From you I learned
Tonight I’m exclusively yours
I’ll cuddle up, symbols awash
Around me
yellowing pages
caress me
I might be unfaithful tomorrow
another author my fingers will fondle
Your dark eyes
selfish as all writers are
Tonight, I promise
only you…

 Nilda Cepero

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