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Welcome to my blog! Sometimes, I write in Spanish, others in English, but basically this is my daily diary of sorts. Los invito a mi blog, que es como un diário de mis eventos y escritos que a veces son en español, y a veces en inglés...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



This morning I had to lassoed myself
As if I was a stubborn mule
Kicking up a storm
So as not to be put to sleep.

I envisioned running
Wide open fields
An endless highway
Where no obstacles were
Waiting to interrupt my plight.

The skies had only touches of brown
Or was it my muddled thoughts
Same ones from two weeks ago
And months before…
The ever present thoughts attacking me.

As I tried to run I noticed the rope
Tons and tons of it around my neck
Tying up my hands
Two broad knots around my feet.
Alas! I was breathing freely…

The first thought that came to mind
Was to inflict pain
To fight back
Spread the word about their ways
Instead I have chosen to ignore.

The ropes have broken off
Skies are blue with shades of orange
The highway ahead is shinning a bright light.
Options are rolling in as I write this poem…
Nothing will interfere in my path.

                                                               Manuel A. López

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